* EDERON.MOBI - age of knights and castles. It`s an era where swords cross and kings are crowned. With your help, new settlements will rise and become living and prosperous. Discover the world of EDERON!
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Prize is 150000 * (1st place). 2st place - 100000 *, 3st place 50000 *.
NEW: Game restarted. Starts 2021-11-23 19:00. (50X)

1. Removed purchase of resources
2. Removed completion of soldier training
3. From now on will give more progress points when buying them for a crown
4. The price of archers has changed, as well as the ability to defend and attack, from now on archers will be good at attacking players, not defending.
5. Slightly heavy cavalry will cost less
6. It was made that soldiers would be invented in the settlement and soldiers would be trained in barracks.
7. It has been done not to attack members of your alliance
8. From now on, with 30 level barracks, you will be able to invent all the soldiers for 50 crowns with one click
9. Instead of 30% faster soldier training services will now be 50%! Also increased the price of this service
10. Reduced cost of training soldiers immediately in all settlements from 1500 crowns to 500!
  • Players: 66
  • Online: 13
  • Start: 2021-11-23 19:00
    (already takes ~13 d.)
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* All registered players begin the game by having 3 day newcomers protection.
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