News: From now on, with protection, you will be able to send reinforcements to your other settlements.
Publication date: 2021-07-29 17:48:31
Evaluations: * 8 * 0
News: From now on, when training a separate type of soldier, their training time will be different. Example: If you are already training crusaders and start training light, heavy cavalry or spies, it will train both crusaders and horse soldiers at the same time!
Publication date: 2021-07-27 16:32:36
Evaluations: * 6 * 1
News: From now on, moderators will be required to confirm to delete a player's message and a chat
Publication date: 2021-07-27 04:48:08
Evaluations: * 8 * 0
News: From now on, if you accidentally press the OK button in the demolition of buildings, the building will not start demolition, you will have to choose the next demolition option.
Publication date: 2021-07-27 04:15:23
Evaluations: * 8 * 0
News: A more convenient removal of resources from the alliance treasury has been made, from now on will write in parentheses when removing from the alliance resources not all the resources available in the alliance, but how much you can remove resources in the settlement without exceeding the storage capacity. Also, if you enter a higher number when removing resources, then the resources will be removed according to the capacity of your warehouse!
Publication date: 2021-07-27 04:05:47
Evaluations: * 5 * 2
News: if you do not have the required number of EDERON progress points you will not be able to steal another person's settlement
Publication date: 2021-07-27 03:27:10
Evaluations: * 5 * 3
News: From now on, soldiers will be trained at normal speed according to the speed of the server, because the speed of the server is quite high, most soldiers produced every 1 second, although they had to produce even faster, and now some soldiers will not produce even a second!
Publication date: 2021-07-25 00:41:48
Evaluations: * 12 * 0
News: Fixed building bug, earlier when u tried to build a building sometimes page was refreshed without starting to build
Publication date: 2021-07-24 23:15:51
Evaluations: * 10 * 0
News: The more settlements you have, the more EDERON progress points you can buy for 100*
Publication date: 2021-07-24 17:43:42
Evaluations: * 11 * 1
News: Game restarted. Start 2021-07-24 16:00. (50X) Game round prize - 50000 * (1st place). 2nd place - 20000 *, 3rd place 10000 *.

Last round winners:
1. Vasingtonas
2. Kuvalda
3. Mutajus

The upcoming round will be without completing the training of soldiers, and without purchasing resources for the crown!

Publication date: 2021-07-23 01:28:39
Evaluations: * 4 * 3