News: if you do not have the required number of EDERON progress points you will not be able to steal another person's settlement
Publication date: 2021-07-27 03:27:10
Evaluations: * 5 * 3
News: From now on, soldiers will be trained at normal speed according to the speed of the server, because the speed of the server is quite high, most soldiers produced every 1 second, although they had to produce even faster, and now some soldiers will not produce even a second!
Publication date: 2021-07-25 00:41:48
Evaluations: * 12 * 0
News: Fixed building bug, earlier when u tried to build a building sometimes page was refreshed without starting to build
Publication date: 2021-07-24 23:15:51
Evaluations: * 10 * 0
News: The more settlements you have, the more EDERON progress points you can buy for 100*
Publication date: 2021-07-24 17:43:42
Evaluations: * 11 * 1
News: Game restarted. Start 2021-07-24 16:00. (50X) Game round prize - 50000 * (1st place). 2nd place - 20000 *, 3rd place 10000 *.

Last round winners:
1. Vasingtonas
2. Kuvalda
3. Mutajus

The upcoming round will be without completing the training of soldiers, and without purchasing resources for the crown!

Publication date: 2021-07-23 01:28:39
Evaluations: * 4 * 3
News: The EDERON system of progress points has been changed, from now on it will require a different number of points when establishing a new settlement. For each fully raised settlement will give +25 points more.
Publication date: 2021-07-18 19:25:09
Evaluations: * 1 * 3
News: Added the option to buy fight protection, but it will only be available for a total of 7 days during the entire game round! This service will be useful for those who start playing in the middle of the game.
Publication date: 2021-07-12 01:27:08
Evaluations: * 3 * 2
News: From now on, when you go to the information of another player's settlement, you will see the last reports made to that particular settlement
Publication date: 2021-07-11 20:49:05
Evaluations: * 0 * 1
News: Changed week's most advanced top, from now on who will build the most buildings will wins it.
Publication date: 2021-07-11 17:41:13
Evaluations: * 1 * 1
News: In the player statistics now will write out of all the players in which place are your soldiers by attack and defense power
Publication date: 2021-07-10 23:38:19
Evaluations: * 1 * 0